Dave Grohl listens never to Nirvana

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The American singer Dave Grohl may not be to the music of Nirvana to listen to. The memories are for the frontman of Foo Fighters to be overwhelming.

“After Kurt (Cobain, eds.) died, broke my heart every time the radio is on. I could for years, to no music to listen to, let alone to a song of Nirvana,” says Grohl in conversation with GQ Magazine.

Even now, some 24 years after the death of Cobain, the former drummer of Nirvana, it is difficult to hear the songs. “I listen at home, never to music of the band, no. But I hear it often. If I were in the car with the radio on or a shop binnenloop, it is always somewhere.”

The music brings memories of his time with the band to the top and that is overwhelming. “I remember the short pants that I wore while we have a certain number of shots, or that the that day it snowed,” says Grohl.

In addition, discovered the singer still new meanings in the lyrics of Cobain. “I realize suddenly: wow, I didn’t realize at that time he feel that way,” said Grohl.

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