Daughters Wahlberg is not happy with sexy photos

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The 46-year-old actor pulls quite often his shirts off and his children are not so nice. They see their father with the clothes on.

Fans of Mark Wahlberg may him than happy without shirts on pictures and in movies appear, there are two ladies who prefer to have that he already had his clothes continues: daughters Ella and Grace.

The 46-year-old actor told Wednesday in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres that the girls were badly irritated as they are pictures of him with naked upper body. “They are always saying: dad, put a shirt on. Even if I am all alone to have. Then they shout: do something.”

Mark, who in addition to Ella (14) and Grace (8), sons Michael (12) and Brendan (9), joked in the interview, especially his eldest daughter, sometimes taking advantage of his imposing muscles. “It is not good if I friends a little scared. Until suddenly a moment comes when they ask if you are along in school, since a friend is scared.”

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