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Crypto-currencies-trading-assistant Taylor was robbed of 1.7 M dollars (2579 ETH)

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Taylor, a smart crypto-currency-trading-assistant App and easy-to-use trading platform, was hacked to 1.7 M dollars (2579 ETH). The Team of the App, recently published a Blog Post in which you stated that your ETH were stolen inventory as well as the TAY token of the Team and the Tokens, which were intended for reward pools. Taylor allows its users of the crypto to take advantage of markets regardless of the trading experience of a user.

The company said:

“This is a dark day for Taylor. We were hacked and we need your support. Today we arrived in the office and found out that we were hacked and all were stolen our money. Not only is our inventory of ETH (2.578.98 ETH), but also the TAY-Token from the Team and Bounty Pools.“

The Tokens of the founders and consultants have not been stolen, thanks to an exercise contract. This read the money is inaccessible. Last week, the company released a development Update and announced that the Beta Version of the platform would be released soon. According to the Tayolor Investigations Team, the hackers are the same Person/group that had hacked CypheriumChain and 17.000 ETH had stolen. The Hacker sent here their prey from different addresses to a single, of which it was then sent in turn to a larger one.

Taylor added:

“After that, we noticed that someone tried to stolen TAY token IDEX dump. Then we asked the IDEX Team, TAY to be delisted, until we have a clear Overview of the Situation. Therefore, the market is currently not available. We have also tried to contact someone in the case of ether the Delta, but we have not received any response from them.“

The Taylor platform tries to solve some of the problems of new and experienced users, by trying to crypto-currencies, user-friendly and to make it more profitable. The attackers stole nearly $ 1.7 million, and it was a sophisticated and coordinated attack.

The company added:

“We will not be able to get back the stolen funds [probably], but we have one of the most important assets that a company can have a strong community. We assure you that we will spare no effort to mitigate the effects of this incident for each legitimate token holder. We’re not going anywhere!“

New user, the cart in your first Trades, not often accumulate losses, because you know the right time to start an order to Trade or to exit. Now only time will show how Taylor is dealing with the damage.

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