Contamination by praying ebolalijders

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GENEVÉ – Two ebolapatiënten that were left from a Congolese hospital, shortly before their death, a prayer meeting attended. Therefore, its possible dozens of people exposed to the deadly disease, said a rescuer.

The patients were previously with the help of family left the hospital in Mbandaka. Family members arrived on motorcycles to the seriously ill duo to take. They could at that point not without help walking, said dr. Jean-Clément Cabrol of Doctors without Borders in Geneva.

“They were taken to a prayer room with 50 people to pray,” said Cabrol. “They were found at two o’clock in the morning. One of them was already dead, the other was dying.” The authorities try to prevent ebola continue happening. In Mbandaka live around one and a half million people.

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