Chef Special at the top, Festival Top 999

527e91ea2ccf89da13282f247b4904c5 - Chef Special at the top, Festival Top 999

The listeners of NPO 3FM have the song Amigo, Chef’Special-proclaimed largest festivalanthem. The song is on the first place in the Festival Top 999, that the channel this week is broadcasting.

“We are speechless, thank you so much”, responds the Dutch band. “This was really intended actually. We wanted Amigo to make a track where people during the festival season hard on, nice to be able to dance and where they have a good feeling… This is really nice!”

The top three will be completed by the Witch Doctor of The State, and Hourglass of Typhoon. In the top ten are also two Dutch acts to find: Kensington and The Youth of Today. The first foreign band is Editors Papillon on the fourth place.

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