Brad Pitt threatened Harvey Weinstein with the death

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The American actor Brad Pitt has Harvey Weinstein threatened with death after the producer had tried his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow in bed. That told the actress in an American radio show.

The incident took place in 1995, when Paltrow received a role in ‘Shakespeare in Love’. Producer Weinstein found that he something had to go back and invited the actress in his hotel room. When the former girlfriend of Brad Pitt made it clear that they are not with him, the sheets would be sharing the room and tried to flee, threatened Weinstein her by saying that her career would boycott.

“It was a classic trick,” says Paltrow now on. “That way he has of many young actresses to abuse. Out of fear for their career they did what he asked of them.”

They can still a well-known actress, she has to thank her then-boyfriend, Brad Pitt, says Paltrow. “On the first opportunity that he Harvey saw, on the Broadway opening night of ‘Hamlet’, if I can remember well, is Brad in him moving away. He took him by the collar and bite him he would kill him if he got me one last time, would touch. Brad méénde it. And that saw Harvey do it”, sounds.

“Moreover, it was Brad was already a world star. He also had power in Hollywood. Harvey dared to the confrontation with him not to go. He was a bully and that type dares only people to attack those weaker than they are,” said Paltron yet.

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