Brad Pitt threatened Harvey Weinstein: ‘I killed you’

cf092a4c0b74e593a250772d2c36c439 - Brad Pitt threatened Harvey Weinstein: 'I killed you'

Brad Pitt has Harvey Weinstein threatened, after his then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow told him that the producer of her harassed. “If your hair was ever so uncomfortable feeling, kill I you,” he shouted.

That has Paltrow told in the radio show of Howard Stern. “Harvey and Brad Pitt were both present and it was in terms of impact like someone who is against a wall thrown.”

The actress calls the action of her ex fantastic. “He protected me with his fame and power when I that all have not had.”

Paltrow told for the first time about the misconduct of Weinstein in The New York Times. He would be in a hotel room, have tried forcing them to give him a massage. She had just finished a starring role got of him in the film Emma. “I thought he would dismiss. It was terrible.”

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