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Bitcoin achieved all-time; Lightening the network successfully; Super Bitcoin wants to secede

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The crypto-currency Bitcoin reached yesterday against a 20 at (19.11.2017) a new all-time high of more than 6,800 Euro per Coin, and many investors moved to gold-rush mood. Furthermore, it has announced a new Bitcoin Hard Fork, to be held in mid-December of this year. Thus, the market remains in movement, and the hope of a free bitcoin rises again.

The virtual Gold, Bitcoin, continues its bullish Trend and drive the Bitcoin price of 5600€ (at the Beginning of last week) and now has more than 6800 Euro per coin. The dispute for supremacy between Bitcoin, Cash, and Bitcoin seems to be for the time being, from the world cleared, so that the Bitcoin can continue its Rally.

Since SegWit2X was cancelled, the time is ripe to bring the Lightning network on the way to the eternal scale debate of the Bitcoin Community solve this once and for all.

On 17.11.2017 the first Coins were exchanged on different blockchains. The development team of Lightning Labs has carried out in the Testnet for Bitcoin and Litecoin successfully, an “atomic swap”, in the case of the two block chains, no transactions have been registered. The test run was successful and is another step to quick transactions with appropriate fees.

Super Bitcoin: Scam or an Investment value?

The Bitcoin Hard Forks have no end, and So a further Bitcoin Hard Fork has been announced for the 17.12.2017, to be held at Block 498.888 and the Super Bitcoin with the initials SBTC on the world.

Behind this project, a Chinese research group is consisting of Li Xiao Lai, JaiPeng Lin and Ranger Shi, the promises with the Slogan: “Make Bitcoin Great Again”, to solve all those problems which currently employ the Bitcoin Community.

It’s an experiment, trying to implement promising solutions that the community has been proposing.
Talks are cheap, but actions valuable.

This includes the following components:

  1. The introduction of Smart Contracts, is driving similar to the crypto-currency, Ethereum on your Blockchain
  2. Lightening-Network for quick and fees arms transactions
  3. Zero-knowledge Proofs in order to maintain complete anonymity. The crypto-currency Z-Cash is also following this principle.
  4. Larger block than is currently provided for in the Bitcoin Community. Here, a maximum size of 1MB. (Bitcoin to Cash, for example, provides a block size of 8MB)

Looking for a white paper or a detailed Roadmap, we have unfortunately not been able to find and be disappointed. The only content is the developers currently available for the Public on the official website.

In our opinion, it is a project that is still in its infancy and too little content, pursuing objectives of full or trusted. The Hard Fork for the middle of December seems a little early in view of the 4 stage targets.

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