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Walmart: article-re-sale on the Blockchain

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The US retail group Walmart, has filed a Blockchain-Patent. Walmart is planning a blockchain-based trading platform in order to sell products already ordered. The company has already been working for some time with Blockchain solutions to optimize the internal work processes.

Huge chip packs, giant milk bottles, murder and manslaughter during the Black Friday – Walmart is sure to be one of the leading instances, in terms of American stereotypes. However, not only the chip packs are here disproportionately. With a turnover of 485,9 billion US dollars in 2016, Walmart is one of the most profitable companies in the world. In order to optimize these revenues even further, summarizing the company is now a Blockchain is a solution.

The advantages of the Blockchain technology in the area of management, is likely to be the most well known: greater efficiency, less paper and bureaucracy of war, to ensure more transparency and time savings. These benefits wants to make Walmart now-to-Use and a platform to develop, which organized the re-sale of already purchased items.

Such a platform should be created to allow clients to view their article resell. To be stored on the Blockchain data to the respective articles, to be able to have easy access in the future. The could make different connection such as, for example, a Point-of-Sale Interface, a browser-based Interface or a Mobile App Interface done. Thus, it is the customer, ultimately, is possible, your already purchased items to resell and not having to give back. As a result, the company expects a “control circuit” in order to get the most important information. So it saves on both sides of the work.

Walmart has already dealt earlier with the Blockchain

Already in March, the company planned a Blockchain solution to improve the infrastructure. In this context, the retail giant was working on “Smart Package”. This Tool is designed to track the contents of shipments as well as environmental conditions, locations, and other Details. But even that is not enough: in the year of 2016, Walmart teamed up with IBM to develop a Blockchain solution for recalled food.

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