Waiting for a rash SBS6

d4293950b7a3291731684e7c36668dce - Waiting for a rash SBS6

In the new SBS6 programme What is the result? visit presenter Leonie ter Braak people who are on the verge of a major result to be received. For example, a boy who, after seven times, sacks hopes to finally pass his driver’s license, a young woman who hears or she has a hereditary predisposition for breast cancer, and a refugee who gets to hear or she in the Netherlands is allowed to stay.

The people who are in the weekly episode to be followed have very different stories, from fun and light to serious and emotional. They have one thing in common: the results on which they are waiting will have a big impact on their lives.

The transmitter searches for the program people that a particular outcome to expect and want to share with the spectator. What is the result? is next fall to see SBS6.

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