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Verge again suffers hacker attack: 35 million XVG stolen

d96816a49a5ee6477c8cc09d787d4c26 - Verge again suffers hacker attack: 35 million XVG stolen

The anonymous crypto-currency, the Verge made in the last few months, headlines by partnering with Pornhub, which caused a lot of attention and also disappointment. Yesterday the developers announced that the Verge Blockchain has once again become the target of a hacker attack.

In April, hackers managed due to a flaw in the Code to steal more than 20 million Verge. Then, the varnish was removed only partially, so that this “loophole” was again exploited for yesterday’s attack.

According to some sources, the attackers were similar to the last time and used a DDos-attack (Distributed Denial-of-Service) control on the Verge Blockchain.

The result is that the attacker was able to send multiple blocks at a distance of only one second with the Scrypt algorithm mines, and the Mining reward to the Wallet of the attacker.

This could be stolen, according to the mentioned source, the 35-million-Verge to a value of over $ 1.7 million. So far, there is on the part of Verge still no official statement or an Update on how the Situation in Detail looks like.

If in fact, the same code error was used, as Reddit user Ocminer describes, then it is assumed that the developers have fixed the last time, but only partially the error. How big the damage is, in fact, remains so for the time being, to be seen.

In the course of Verge falls (probably) in the aftermath of the hacker attack within the last 24 to 13,65% to a price of 0,038 Euro. Even if the entire crypto market is in the red, is the decline in Verge pretty clear. With a market capitalization of 577 million euros in Verge space 31 of the largest crypto currencies in the world.

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