“Ukraine bought interview with Trump’

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WASHINGTON – Representatives of the Ukrainian president Petro Porosjenko have the personal lawyer of the American president Donald Trump large sums of money paid in to a conversation between the two at the White House. Lawyer Michael Cohen was, according to Ukrainian sources are translated between the own 340,000 and 510,000 euros to arrange.

This is reported by the BBC on Wednesday on the basis of two sources that are not specifically mentioned. Cohen was not registered as a representative of Ukraine in this case, however, is required according to Us law.

Porosjenko wanted more than a ’photo opportunity’ with handenschudden with the American head of state. Finally he got his conversation with Trump in June. After the return of Porosjenko in Ukraine stopped the anticorruptieagentschap in that country in the investigation of the former campaigner Paul Manafort. In the united states, is a judicial investigation underway into the hallways of Cohen.

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