Thomas of Piece TV: ’I have no child”

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The rumor that Thomas of Piece of TV for two years father would be, turns out to be a joke. It was ‘a good friend’ that the “news” today brought out and that friend turns out after weeks of Piece TV itself.

Thomas van der Vlugt and Giel Winter Piece Tv

Giel responded himself Wednesday afternoon by The Telegraph as if he were the news for the first time. “When I was a little in heard the news, I thought to myself: ‘do I now believe, is it true or not true”. Yes, it may just be that it’s true, only I find it a pity that he does not advance against us has said.”

Where media has already questioned whether this is not another stunt from the creators of TV was, were they right to get. “It’s a joke,” confirms Thomas Wednesday night on Private. The ’best friend’ that the news brought out would have, according to him, Giel itself.

It is not the first far-reaching stunt that the successful YouTubers to lash out and not the first which they have a paternity suggest. A year ago, Giel, and their third Piece of TV colleague Stefan their partner Thomas all horrible scaring, by him to a clinic to lure and let him believe that he father would be a ex-scharrel.

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