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This company paid you for sporting activities

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Imagine, you could be paid for a Jog, a Swim, or for a regular Workout. The concept of paid Sport has, so far, limited to Olympians and other Elite athletes in the Fitness industry. With the proliferation of Blockchain technology could change this, however.

BEAT making sports and am sponsored by

20. February 2018, the BEAT, the Initial Token Sale (ITS) was launched by a company called MySports GmbH. Prior to the publication of BEAT MySports has already collected more than 20 million euros in Private Equity investment and has made itself as a market leader in the Fitness software industry in Germany wide. With the support of a plurality of channels in both the Fitness as well as in the crypto-currency industry BEAT ITS has quickly drawn the attention of investors.

The BEAT-an Ecosystem consists of a variety of sports enthusiasts and fitness providers operating on a Blockchain-based platform. In Essence, the Ecosystem allows the users to monetize the billions of data points to generate for each sporting activity. Furthermore, companies can buy this data on an immutable Ledger known as the Blockchain, according to your needs.

With BEAT athletes can back up your verified sports data points on the Blockchain anonymously and encrypted. The user can then decide whether he wants to be a data provider. He should want to, then he will be able to specific data in accordance with a contract agreement with the data consumers share.

On the other hand, the data Consumer only receives access to the data, as agreed in the contract and the contract defined the sole purpose. In turn, these data provide-consumers – in General, fitness providers, such as fitness studios, pharmaceutical companies and manufacturers of sports equipment your products and services at a discounted price or even for free.

Extension of the Token Sale

Three months after the first announcement of the Token Sales were sold thanks to the active community of the token 140 million BEAT Tokens. In a recently published media article the Team published the decision, the Token Sale of up to 15. To extend July – two months longer than the originally planned completion of the Sales at the 15. May.

“While the work we have done, will support us in the future, we have the feeling that we have underestimated the efforts to be invested in Marketing and communication,” said the Team.

“Therefore, we move after careful Consideration, the Deadline for our Token sale of 15. May on the 15. Of July 2018.“

The Team led some of the reasons for the extension, among other things, the number of users in the BEAT-to increase the Ecosystem.

“Due to the increasing number of users of our data numbers are valuable, because we can collect more data from a wider group of participants. As a result, we will be able to win more companies for participation in the BEAT-Ecosystem, which will be an increase in the price of our Tokens.“

More information on how to BEAT Token Sale on the official Website.

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