The president that no chaos will

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He should be the national unit to monitor and make politicians respecting the constitution. But during these form a government that transcends the Italian president Sergio Mattarella his ceremonial functions.

It was January 6, 1980: the day that his brother in arms died, after which in an ambush of the mafia was gone. Until then, it was Sergio Mattarella, professor of parliamentary law at the university of …

It was January 6, 1980: the day that his brother in arms died, after which in an ambush of the mafia was gone. Until then, it was Sergio Mattarella, professor of parliamentary law at the university of Palermo. A more than respectable profession, but very academic. Now wanted Mattarella, then 38, ‘really fighting for a better Italy’. He decided the political.

The mission he carries almost forty years later, still a high priority. After the Vijfsterrenbeweging and the radical right-wing Lega Friday, a preliminary coalition agreement had reached, and Italy, so as well as certainly a new government gets in Europe with a critical eye will be followed, the nerves there tight.

But president Mattarella keeps the head cool. He does not want to prevent that this government is a fact, but certainly trying to make an impact on their coalition agreement. The Italian president may have less power than, say, his French colleague, he may well be applicable. It is, after all, the Italian president, the prime minister shall appoint, and the members of his government.

Monday, he received Luigi Di Maio and Matteo Salvini, the leaders of, respectively, Vijfsterrenbeweging and Lega, who, in their regeringscontract came to defend. Their common thread: less migrants, much less Brussels, more money to social services. There had Mattarella, concerns with.

Little sense in unknown lawyer

The president spoke Monday immediately expressed his concerns about a derailment of the public expenditures, reported the Italian news agency Ansa. Italy, after Greece, the highest public debt of the euro area as a whole. Mattarella would, therefore, not just any one minister of Finance want to be. In addition, he felt there is too little for the prime minister to leave it to the totally unknown lawyer, Giuseppe Conte.

After his meeting with Di Maio and Salvini took Mattarella almost 48 hours, ‘to think’. Until this afternoon, at half past six should aim premier Conte himself to show up at the office of the president. Or his candidacy will be accepted, still remains a question mark.

From the seizure of the Cosa Nostra

Mattarella has a lot of experience with delicate files. As a member of parliament of the christian democrats, he received in 1984 the command of the Sicilian section of his party from the seizure of power by the Cosa Nostra. In the late eighties, he was the first minister. Throughout his career, he pushed within the political spectrum further and further to the left. In 1996, he was one of the first to support the conference for a centre-left coalition with Romano Prodi at the head. When the government of Prodi, two years later, he was in the new cabinet, first deputy prime minister, then minister of Defence. He supported the Nato intervention in Yugoslavia, and abolished the conscription.

In 2007 he was at the forefront of the current Partito Democratico, the party of ex-premier Matteo Renzi. Four years later, he said the politics as goodbye, after that he through the Italian parliament, was elected judge of the Constitutional Court.

Patience is a major asset

But the lure of politics remained. In 2015, he was recognized by the Italian parliament, elected president, on the nomination of Renzi. ‘Democracy is not a final victory, ” he said at his swearing-in. Since then exceeded he was more of a ceremonial command. A lot of patience on the day, you can explain, proved to be one of his main trump cards. When Renzi at the end of 2016, with his resignation announced, wild Mattarella him only to let you go, after there is a budget for 2017 was approved, in spite of everyone who is to his immediate dismissal screamed. But Mattarella was that the country is not in chaos should be left behind.

And also in this government formation is proving he is not about a night of ice cream to go. To the chagrin of Lega and the Vijfsterrenbeweging, who in recent days emphasized that Conte is their candidate for the premiership, and that would continue. But rule they can only after Mattarella its approval decision.

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