Sparta overwhelmed with phone calls from ‘vultures’

95c557a2d3ba083c3f880c2a9d307044 - Sparta overwhelmed with phone calls from 'vultures'

Technical manager Henk van Stee is already overwhelmed with phone calls from clubs that the talent at Sparta want to remove.

Sherel Floranus try FC Emmen-player Alexander Bannink of the ball.

“For Jeffrey Chabot, Sherel Floranus, Deroy Duarte and Halil Dervisoglu show directly a lot of clubs interested. As vultures, but. We have a great past with training, but the need to sell is not there. We are very ambitious to return and will also invest yourself.”

Henk Fraser will have that anyway with a large renovated selection try. Of the cast of actors who after the winter break relegation had to escape, there are now fewer than fifteen players left. From Craig Goodwin and Michiel Kramer was the commitment previously dissolved. Sander Fischer and Robert Mühren was well known that their ongoing (rent)contract does not apply for the First Division.

The other eleven names that may not return to The Castle: Jannik Huth, Miquel Nelom, Dabney Dos Santos, Soufyan Ahannach, Fred Friday (all rented), Ryan Sanusi, Loris Brogno, Leonard Nienhuis, Paco van Moorsel, Nick Proschwitz (allen press conference) and Michel Breuer (stopped).

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