Son defends of sexual abuse accused Woody Allen

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Moses Farrow, the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow, in a blog on his father. His sister Dylan Farrow accused him of sexual abuse, but that is according to Moses Farrow is not true.

“I’m asked on my privacy and am not interested in attention,” writes Moses Farrow. He indicates to want to respond to the accusations of his sister, because All “condemned”.

The now 32-year-old Farrow said at the age of 7 on a afternoon by her father to be abused. The case came in the nineties for the court. All the abuse has always denied. The film director was acquitted due to a lack of evidence.

Last year, Dylan Farrow in an open letter to Hollywood with the question of why he is not in the #metoo scandal was taken. Several movie stars gave then to regret to have ever with him, to have worked.

Moses Farrow describes in his blog the afternoon that his sister says by All to have been abused. That was a few months after Mia Farrow learned that Allen had a relationship with her daughter Soon-Yi, which she had adopted with her ex-husband André Previn.

“For months she had us memorizing them that Woody evil, a monster and the devil and that Soon-Yi for us was dead,” writes Moses Farrow about his mother. Mia Farrow had her children asked All that day, keen to keep an eye on. “I took Mia’s warning very seriously.” He says that All that day a couple of times in the living room to have to leave “but never with Dylan”.

It also describes Farrow situations in which his mother and her children violently treated and he is doing a book open about the family of Farrow. So he retrieves her brother that’s in jail for child abuse.


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