Singer Jacques Herb in december affected by stroke

d1f473eeed5e236e9ff7853adde4fdd4 - Singer Jacques Herb in december affected by stroke

Jacques Herb has in december a light stroke. The 71-year-old singer was at a gig in Hoorn unwell and had to be admitted in a hospital.

“I suddenly became very woozy and luckily caught my wife Diny, who is always behind the stage, me on,” says Herb as a result of news coverage in the Weekend.

“Then I had vomiting multiple times and we went to the hospital.” There was a small bloedpropje found. “Luckily, it was not as severe. After three days and two nights, we were allowed to go home.”

Meanwhile Herb fully recovered, he is still on medication. “It is going well and I feel again the old, partly thanks to the support of my wife.”

The singer has also already had his first gigs behind us and look ahead. “About three years, I am 75, I am 25 years married and I’m fifty years in the profession. That we are going to celebrate.”


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