Ruud de Wild is always trying own fears to overcome

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Ruud de Wild challenge himself on a regular basis in the field of sport. The radiodj, that in his own words ‘a black edge, the negative thoughts dissipate by active.

In the time that The Wild has worked at BNN and there was a witness to the murder on politician Pim Fortuyn took place, sat in the NPO Radio 2 dj “at the suicidal.”

“On that side protrudes more to the head as I do not sports and many in my own circle is in terms of thoughts,” says The Wild in Nieuwe Revu.

Therefore he does several times a week to running and Bikram yoga. “Your body maintain I find important, and in terms of sports, I try myself to overcome,” said The Wild (49).

Scuba diving

“I’m ever going to run because I didn’t believe that I ever have more than ten kilometers. Moreover, had someone at the weekend said that I should not go running, because I have a heart attack. When I am immediately on Monday, work out, and I was constantly afraid of the heart attack. That came not.”

Currently retrieves the dj diepzeeduikdiploma for a single radio broadcast that The Wild and his team present. “I don’t do that for my pleasure, but I try constantly to overcome fears. Hard work is no death, but you are unwise to work hard and constructively to work hard. As I in terms of radiowerk and art in perfect balance I’m, good.”


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