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Riot about Dutch parody on Eurosongwinnares: ‘Blunt and brutal’

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A parody in which the winning Israeli entry for the song contest of Netta on the heel is taken, caused commotion at our neighbors. The Israeli ambassador in The Hague is a waste.

The Israeli embassy in the Netherlands Tuesday of a written complaint filed under more at BNNVARA as a result of the program, Sanne Wallis de Show. The satirical parody of the …

The Israeli embassy in the Netherlands Tuesday of a written complaint filed under more at BNNVARA as a result of the program, Sanne Wallis de Show. The satirical parody on the winning Israeli songfestivallied is, according to the ambassador, ‘blunt and brutal’ and ‘exceeds many boundaries’.

In the song, that Saturday during the first broadcast of the Dutch, new NPO program was sung, Israel, vehemently criticized the recent attacks on Palestinians. Images were shown of Palestinian protests in the west bank and Gaza strip, as a result of the zeventigjarig existence of Israel this month. Martine Sandifort is singing as a singer Netta: “Open embassies, make sure that you casht’ and ‘of the dollars and cents and fuss-yes!’

The clip from the broadcast of Saturday 19 may:

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote Tuesday that the complaint is sent to the broadcaster BNNVARA, the ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Central Jewish Consultation. In e-mail, in the hands of the NRC, is that in this way a joke is made of the dead in Israel the last weeks of his cases’. About the use of the images of the protests, writes the ambassador that this is ‘wrong and shameful’.

‘Exceeds the bounds of satire and freedom of the press”

‘Artistically, there is nothing wrong with this sketch, but that’s not the point’, says ambassador Aviv Shir-On in a telephone remarks to the NRC.

“The content was grossly offensive. The program makes Israel look ridiculous and packed in anti-semitic stereotypes as jokes. Also they make a joke of all the dead that recently in Gaza are cases in which it is inappropriate. In Israel, we make no jokes about the victims, whether they are Israeli or Palestinian.”

According to Shir-On exceeds Sanne Wallis de Show thus the limits of satire and freedom of the press. According to him, has the broadcaster as a result of the complaint have not yet contacted the embassy.

A day after the broadcast came to the ORGANIZATION, Centre for Information and Documentation on Israel, on Twitter in the defence. In a tweet posted to the group item-by-item comments on the statements in the song are done. Also concluded the INFORMATION that the lyric is problematic because of the many references to stereotypes about Jews and the ‘false information about Israel”.

‘Malicious’, says INFORMATION director Hanna Luden about the parody. “There are assumptions that total error. So would the Israelis partying on the backs of Palestinians. It may be satire, but such statements remain in the viewers hanging. This creates an image of the cruel Israel that Palestinians attacked.’

Image of Dutch jews

Imaging has also consequences for the Jews in the Netherlands, says Luden. “People get the feeling that the old images of Jews, for example, about money, and again be restored. Anti-semitism is a complex phenomenon, it is difficult to measure. I want therefore this concept is not directly on this song and hang out, but it reeks of something that is not fresh.” The ORGANIZATION does not say the specific content of the complaint are informed.

Ron van der Wieken, of the Central Jewish Consultation (CJO), recognizes itself in the stereotyping of Jews who in the song is quoted: “The link between Jews and money that is placed, is problematic. That association has given to us in the course of history, a lot of misery delivered. It is an anti-semitic prejudice.’ Also the CJO received the letter.

“No accusation against the Jewish community’

BNNVARA said Tuesday in a general statement that the parody ‘emphatically no accusation against the Jewish community’. Also allows the broadcaster the following:

‘The creators of Sanne Wallis the Show in a parody on the song “Toy” demonstrated their vision on current events, in other words, the Israeli policy towards the Palestinians in the Gaza strip. The parody is not about the Jewish community, but about the Israeli regime. These are two fundamentally different issues.’

‘ It is true that the makers do not refer to anti-semitic prejudices. The passages about world leaders, and dollars that are now being cited have nothing to do with the nazistisch philosophy: reference is made only to the current close ties between Israel/Netanyahu and (especially) Trump, in both political and economic terms.’

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