Refugee ebolapatiënten found dead

e8932f0acb3703dd68ac0ef700310688 - Refugee ebolapatiënten found dead

BANDAKA – Two ebolapatiënten are found dead after they had escaped from a hospital in the Congolese city of Mbandaka. They were there under quarantine, reports the mission of Doctors without Borders (Msf) in the town.

A third ebolapatiënt that the hospital had been abandoned, is living found. Emergency responders have him under observation is placed. “This is a hospital, not a prison,” said the head of the local Msf mission. “We can’t all afgrendelen.”

By the outbreak of ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are probably definitely 27 people died. Clinicians attempt to prevent the deadly virus further happening. Thus, people vaccinated who have had contact with patients.

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