Omroep MAX: by with tv-professor Scherder

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With a million viewers in the lecture hall is Max Masterclass with PROF. DR. ERIK SCHERDER and a new success for Omroep MAX.

In the three broadcasts, which tonight will be the last to see, the popular professor at the VU university in Amsterdam, everyone if it were in his own head and let him see what is under the skull is playing when listening to music.

In the third part shows SCHERDER what happens if someone is aphasia, how the brain looks to someone who speaks five languages, and why it has actually been a lot of effort for something seemingly as simple as ’good evening’ to say.

Second season

TV-boss JAN SLAGTER won his own brain, not to torment the question of whether MAX Masterclass a sequel.

Prof. Erik: “Director, Tv, FRENCH SMALL of the NPO should have a blow to give, but I understood from the manufacturer that the figures and the reactions are good. So that there is a second season, which will also include other areas of the science in question.”

Tonight, at 20.30 hours, in the last episode of MAX master class on NPO 1, is, therefore, about language, and what parts of the brain play a role in language comprehension and language production.

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