NPO Radio 2 along 538, 3FM drops further

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NPO Radio 2 was in march and april the best listened station of the country. With a market share of 11.9 per cent made it to the Radio station Radio 538, which at 11.8 percent was released. That is according to figures from the National Listening Research.

Presenter and station voice of NPO Radio 2, Stefan Stasse.

It is the first time that Radio 2 at this time of the year as high scores. In december and January had the transmitter the highest luistercijfer. The Top 2000 in the last week of the year broadcast and attracts many listeners to the station.

NPO 3FM is even further diminished. The youth channel of the public broadcaster could, in the months of march and april to count on a market share of 3.1 percent. That is again less than the the period, when the rate was still 3.2 percent. For comparison: a year ago, the market share of 3FM is still at 4.8 percent.

Previous month reported Domien Verschuuren is sick, because he is all a bit too much. 3FM-dj felt ’as fit as a fiddle, except in my head’ and decided two days to stay at home. “It’s not so good with 3FM and we can be very secretive about doing it, but if it does not go well with 3FM and you’re the captain of the team that is not going well, then it is automatically your fault.”

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