New York wants to straws in the ban

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New York – Slurping the New Yorkers for the last times of their beloved plastic straws? If the municipal council of the American metropolis is located. Fast food chains and restaurants may be given a ban on even longer plastic straws to use.

Without ice and a straw, a glass of cola for the average American not to drink.

And also the plastic stirrers, that chains like Starbucks are so eager to use, and plastic cups seem to be their longest time to have had in the Democratic city, under the leadership of the socialist mayor Bill de Blasio. The Democrats feel it is the highest time to the use of the mileuonvriendelijke plastic to reduce.

Chains like McDonalds are experimenting even with cardboard straws to the plastic to replace. The company would consider to be plastic drinking straws worldwide to remove. Restaurants in New York can also choose none at all straws to share. That seems to be hard because the Americans are attached to their guzzling tubes which, in their eyes, much more hygienic than glasses.

Pay is not successful

Earlier already tried to get New Yorkers to pay for their plastic bags in the U.S. in large quantities to be distributed and used at the cash register. But that is still not successful.

In other left-wing cities such as Seattle is already a ban on plastic straws. Restaurants can be fines of 100 to 400 dollars for any violation. According to the municipality, there may be an exception to be made for the disabled that is a straw really necessary.

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