New love for Sylvie Meis?

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Has Sylvie Meis yet another new man on the hook beaten? According to a photographer on Ibiza. He saw the blonde walk hand in hand with a handsome guy, on her free day during filming, and according to him, they are definitely more than friends.

Sylvie Meis

“They were very close, it looked as if they were each other quite well already knew. It was not on a first date”, tells the photographer to RTL. He saw the two from the famous Tatel Restaurant of Christano Ronaldo, Rafael Nadal and Enrique Iglesias. “They went around half-two back to the hotel. They are definitely more than friends,” says the photographer.

Sylvie Meis is in Ibiza for pictures of the zomerfilm Elvy’s World So hotels on the sun-drenched island. On the day of its supposedly romantic lunch she had, however, a day free of shots.

The German journalist Bastian May have been trying to figure out which man it is, but it is a mystery who exactly this is. But it was something else: not only Sylvie is quick on the heartbreak of her ex Sander Klieverik, this was itself again with a new woman spotted. Consciously or not: for his date he chose the favorite restaurant of Syvlie.

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