Memphis Depay pulls is nothing more to personal criticism

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Memphis Depay won’t have to know what there is about his personality or his sports performance is written or said. “I am happy with who I am,” says the 24-year-old football player in an interview in VI.

“During the world cup in Brazil (2014, red.) I was praised to the skies, and all was beautiful and wonderful. A year later, we missed the qualification for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, and was there nothing more to me. If I were on my own was responsible,” said the player of Olympique Lyon.

“I was tackled on my hat, on my Rolls Royce, on everything actually. I was used as a model for the poor performance. In both cases you can the better along you let it go. I need to learn. And I think that I succeeded. I can feel peace.”

“Enough trash”

Sometimes sending friends yet a particular op-ed podium message, but there is the international not really on the wait: “I have enough trash to eat. That is a lesson I have now learned, at the age of 24.”

Depay put recently a lot of strength from the christian faith, which he also more positive to themselves is going to look. “I am happy with who I am. I’m a wild boy alone in his head. And that feels good.”


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