Malaysia is considering stopping MH370-search

bee861176fe82731f23134dcbabb6d3a - Malaysia is considering stopping MH370-search

KUALA LUMPUR – The new Malaysian government, the appointments about the search for the missing aircraft MH370 critically to the light. The country closed in January, a contract with an American company, that up to 70 million dollars will receive if the plane is found.

The work of art ’Still Praying MH370’ of Mohamad Fitri Jaafar.

MH370 disappeared in 2014 without a trace with 239 people on board. An earlier search of the disappeared plane of Malaysia Airlines was running on nothing. Malaysia went later in the sea with the American Ocean Infinity, that a private ship was searching for remnants of the Boeing 777.

“We want to know what the need is,” said prime minister Mahathir Mohamad (92), who earlier this month was appointed. “We will review the contract and must stop if it is not useful.”

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