Life sentence for zuuraanval on Dutchman

000e430c4ac58d6d393cc91b5d1a9d5a - Life sentence for zuuraanval on Dutchman

London – A woman in Britain was sentenced to life in prison for a zuuraanval on her Rijsbergen, originating ex-boyfriend Mark van Dongen. Berlinah Wallace (48) will, after twelve years, be eligible for early release, report the BBC.

Berlinah Wallace (left) denies deliberately acid on her ex to have thrown.

Wallace had a relationship with the Bristol living Van Dongen. In september 2015, went to the Rijsbergenaar to the apartment of Wallace in order to put an end to the relationship. He, however, continued to sleep in the apartment. When he lay in bed, it would be Wallace Van Dongen with an acid to have topped. The man got very seriously injured. He was later euthanasia.

Wallace has been acquitted of murder and manslaughter. The court found the woman guilty of throwing a corrosive liquid on the Rijsbergenaar.

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