Leah Remini makes documentary series about Jehovah’s

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After her success with a documentary series about the Church of Scientology, for which they last year a Creative Arts Emmy Award, Leah Remini now a similar program to produce about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Leah Remini

The King or Queen-actress started with her series of Scientology and he the Aftermath to her own experiences with the controversial church to share. She grew up within Scientology, but left the church in 2013. In the series, which heavily criticized by Scientology, many other former members of the word. This year starts the third season of the program.

In a panel discussion about the series said the actress according to The Hollywood Reporter Tuesday that her heart has found in shows that delve into religion and the personal tragedies that faith sometimes can bring. “I finally feel that I am on the good side sta, and really done a good job by helping people. It is hartverscheurender than anything I have previously done, but it also gives more satisfaction.”

Leah is still regularly approached by old-Scientologyleden their story want to do, but also by people who have bad experiences with other faiths. There is the idea for a series on Jehovah’s Witnesses born.

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