Labrador Fred adopts nine chickens

0b71e0b11163f932762cd2905b2b8582 - Labrador Fred adopts nine chickens

Essex – A 10-year-old Labrador named Fred has nine chickens had been adopted after the mother of the little ones disappeared.

Fred is now the ’father’ of the small birds at Mountfitchet Castle to stay. Mountfitchet Castle is a tourist attraction in the vicinity of Stansted airport, in Essex.

The chickens waggelden without their mother across the yard when Fred, the care took. According to employees of Mountfitchet Castle is Fred since that press in the again with the little ones.

Mountfitchet Castle is a shelter for rescued animals, but the Labrador Fred lives there permanently. It is expected that the dog will have a few weeks to take care of the chickens, after which they are free to in shelters to remain or to leave.

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