Karin Bloemen wants better health attention

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Karin Bloemen has never really pressure made to her line, but now it’s more on the kilo’s to pay attention to.

“I never think of: ‘O, my figure,” explains Flowers Wednesday in The Telegraph.

“If I had, then I was not so plump, heavy say, been as I am now. But I notice that with age, less easy-going. I’m going this summer for sure an attempt to better pay attention. There is a week of juice fasting on the program and I go to a small number of addictions the door to work on that. Like chocolate with caramel and sea salt. There can you take me for a really wake up call, really, but I become so happy.”

For the coming season fit on the stage can stand, Flowers in the period of time that she writes to her new onewomanshow Souvenirs of the battle with her health.

“If you have a little bit of fun old want to be, you just need to your health attention by good food, plenty of sleep, to pack and to your moments of peace to take, for example, by mindfulness. The summer is here for me pre-eminently the appropriate moment for that, because I must ensure that the battery is charging for the upcoming theatre season.”


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