Jettie Pallettie launches own beer

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Jettie Pallettie launches on 6 June its own beer: “The Blonde Jettie’

Jettie Pallettie and the Ultratop form a beautiful marriage. With her new single ‘Cafe 3.0’ pops this week the Ultratip-list inside and her latest cd ‘Pints & Rumbling’ already has a top 20 listing in the official album chart. With more than 120 performances per year in Flanders Jettie Pallettie one of the hottest artists of the moment. Wherever Jettie, is the party that is on Wednesday, June 6, when the sympathetic blonde in Eke-Nazareth to the brewery ‘The Satyr’ her own ‘Blonde Jettie’beer represents. “Together with Kurt Wynant of “Dépoo 7′ and Dieter and Sylvie of the brewery I set my tasty beer. One that perfectly tastes with my new summer single ‘Pints & Rumbling’, which is also the title song of my latest cd. After the Flemish Championship Rumbling Peel, where I was flooded by comments and submissions, there will be the ‘Blonde Jettie’. My beer is a derivative of the ‘Depoo 7′: a delicious blond beer with an alcohol content of 7%,” says Jettie excited. “It is a nice, lightly hoppy, volmout beer that is characterized by a pleasant freshness and the right bitterness. We use fresh Poperingse hops for a nice citrustoets concerns”, completes the producer-developer Kurt Wynant of “Dépoo 7’.

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