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IOTA announces partnership with Taipei for the creation of a Smart City

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In an official press release, the municipality of the capital city of Taiwan, Taipei City has announced a partnership with IOTA. The goal of the cooperation is the creation of a Smart City is. Using the Tangle technology a number of technical innovations for the inhabitants of the city are to be created.

In the official press release of the municipality of Taipei, explains that IOTA and Taipei will investigate the possibilities of adapting the IOTA-technology on your Smart City needs. For this purpose, there should be a series of projects that deal with the data integrity and authenticity issues, from public life.

The first project will be to identify the creation of digital Citizens, which are based on the Tangle technology. Using the TangleID card, should be eliminated the risk of identity theft and election fraud. In addition to the TangleID all the health data of citizens to be safe and the integer stored in a digital patient record. But other data, for example, government-related services, are to be stored on the TangleID.

Furthermore, Taipei has already started the project “Airbox” with other partners and companies. In the framework of this project, air sensors are developed, the temperature, moisture, light and environmental pollution. In collaboration with the Taiwanese Startup BiiLabs, to integrate the acquired Airbox data in the IOTA Marketplace, and thus, in real-time.

In the press release David Sønstebø, co-founder of the IOTA Foundation (freely translated) said:

“We are very pleased with the cooperation with Taipei City. It proves that our next-Generation technology for real-world use cases ready, and more than just a theory. This is the beginning and the beginning of the influence, the IOTA may have to connect to the world of the Internet of Things getting closer, and to pave the way for not only smart cities, but an intelligent world.“

With the announcement of the partnership with Tapei IOTA continues to make his way in the direction of the Mainstream adaptation and establishment of real applications. In the last few months, IOTA could have already known several strategic projects and partnerships. For this purpose, the International Transportation Innovation Center (ITIC), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Bosch, and the extensive project IOTA Marketplace included, among other things, with a number of various cooperation partners.

Due to the recent turbulent weeks, have shown that news has no visible influence on the IOTA course.

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