Gordon ran in the middle of tv-recordings frustrated way

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The series Gordon & Estelle: the Way it was not only shortened because of production problems. Gordon was there after several setbacks also done. The presenter regretted so deeply that he prematurely walked away, confirms a spokesperson from RTL 4.


“As I said, we have the range shortened because there are perfect things were not working as planned”, says RTL. “We were able to because of this, the recordings do not finish. Also Gordon was the disappointment large, and he is indeed of the set walked. The combination made it impossible for the series to finish. We had it, but sometimes you have to resign to the circumstances.” Then is, however, still have one episode recorded, stresses RTL.

At the beginning of this month, it was announced that Gordon & Estelle: get rid of it with two episodes has been shortened. The last episode was last week’s broadcast. In Gordon & Estelle: the Way it went to Gordon and Estelle Cruijff together on lowbudgetvakantie. Incidentally collapsed the ratings also fast, but that was no reason for the program to quit early.

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