Geluidsaanval on officials USA in China

d83e398781ff14d8b2a56721572811d7 - Geluidsaanval on officials USA in China

BEIJING – a member of staff of the Us consulate in the Southern Chinese city of Guangzhou is slight brain damage set, after he had complained about strange geluidsensaties. He may become the victim of a geluidsaanval.

The American had from the end of 2017 vague, but serious complaints. On returning to the US, the brain damage found. A spokeswoman for the U.s. embassy in Beijing said that both the embassy as the Chinese authorities to do research. The issue comes at an unfortunate time, now the USA and China are difficult consultations on the trade between both countries and North Korea.

The incident is similar to an earlier incident, in which American diplomats in Cuba hearing damage occurred. They could also suffer from insomnia. According to the U.s. government, they were the victim of a geluidsaanval. Who is responsible for it, is still not elucidated.

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