Dave Grohl can’t make it to Nirvana listen

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Dave Grohl is listening still not to the songs of his former band Nirvana. “It’s too personal,” says the former drummer of the band in an interview with GQ. Since the death of Kurt Cobain, Dave not to the material of Nirvana listened.

Ex-drummer of Nirvana Dave Grohl

“I years not can listen to music, let alone to Nirvana,” says Dave. Kurt Cobain made in 1994 put an end to his life, and there is Dave still difficult. Especially since the songs of the band, much still has to be rotated. “The songs you hear everywhere. In the car and in stores. It’s too personal for me. I still remember everything. Any shirt I wore in the studio and what the weather was.”

Dave says more and more of the lyrics that Kurt wrote to understand. “Now I understand how he really felt.”

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