Coach Sarri away at Napoli after the second place in Serie A

b49ea14f22665d687d463c8604a2deda - Coach Sarri away at Napoli after the second place in Serie A

Maurizio Sarri’s next season no coach of Napoli. The 59-year-old coach snatched last season with his team next to the Italian championship title and finished second behind Juventus.

President Aurelio De Laurentiis says the departure of Sarri via Twitter.

“I want Maurizio Sarri thank for his valuable commitment to Napoli. It has the city and the club a lot of appreciation will be delivered. The way football is being appreciated by everyone'”, says De Laurentiis.

Sarri had the selection of Napoli for three years under his care. The Italian delivered the club last season, almost the first championship title since 1990. Juventus proved to be the final stage of the competition, is still just a bit stronger.

Italian media are reporting that Carlo Such as quickly is appointed as new coach of Napoli. Also Sarri would not be long without a club are. He would already be having a conversation with Zenit St. Petersburg, and in the picture with Chelsea in a possible resignation of Antonio Conte.

Ringrazio Maurizio Sarri per la sua preziosa dedizione al Calcio Napoli che ha permesso di regalare alla città e ai tifosi azzurri in tutto il mondo prestigio ed emozioni, creando un modello di gioco ammirato ovunque e da chiunque. Bravo Maurizio.
Aurelio De Laurentiis #ADL


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16:03 – 23 may 2018


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