China: time is ripe for top Trump and Kim

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WASHINGTON – China, the US has Wednesday given to understand that as president, Donald Trump peace with North Korea, the time is ripe for a summit with leader Kim Jong-un.

Wang Yi (l) and Mike Pompeo (r)

“I’ve told our American colleagues said that if they want to solve the time. If you want peace, if you history want to write, then this is the opportunity,” said minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi during a press conference with colleague Mike Pompeo in Washington.

Pompeo expressed the hope that the planned meeting between Trump and Kim on 12 June continues, even though the president said earlier that there was a “reasonable chance” exists that the meeting is cancelled because of Pyongyang, its nuclear arsenal is not to clean up. If that turns out to be the united states does not hesitate to walk away.

’American people are counting on’

“A bad deal is not an option”, says the former CIA chief. “The American public trusts that we do this well arrange. If the proper agreement is not on the table, then we walk with all the reverence out the door.” Pompeo was not in the question of who was all there as part of the U.s. delegation.

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