Boris Johnson wants a ’Brexit-plane’

a934902d1196623e20b7f2eb3114c9c8 - Boris Johnson wants a ’Brexit-plane’

LONDON – The British minister of Foreign Affairs Boris Johnson wants a private’Brexitvliegtuig’, message to the BBC. He identifies the importance for the promotion of the United Kingdom in the run-up to the Brexit.

The minister is irritated in mind that the regeringsvliegtuig always busy. Queen Elizabeth, prince Charles and prime minister Theresa May will have priority in the use of the Voyager aircraft.

The minister is currently on a visit in South America, but he must perforce commercial flights. Johnson had this five hour long wait during a transition from Spain to Peru.

Johnson told reporters that he is a privévliegtuig therefore good use of, provided that is not too expensive.

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