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Block chair Feed Explorer: BTC-, BCH – and ETH-block chains in search of hidden messages to sift through

ea2ed0257dd1543a19901b7248105de4 - Block chair Feed Explorer: BTC-, BCH - and ETH-block chains in search of hidden messages to sift through

With the block chair Feed Explorer the BTC-, BCH – and ETH-block chains according to the news crawl. What we can find? We go on a journey of discovery.

The Blockchain is the history of all the transactions of a traditional crypto-currency like Bitcoin. Usually see the Information: “address 1 sending address 2 X BTC”. However, you can store in the Blockchain other Information. Such “redundant Information” has no impact on the functioning of the crypto currency and its transactions. However, the content is exactly as all the data stored in a Blockchain – the public to be immortalized.

Always and forever in the Blockchain

The special feature of the Store information in the Blockchain is that you are saved for all time. A sentence is integrated into a Block and this Block is added to the Blockchain and more blocks are built on him, is entered into the stored Information with each subsequent Block is “fixed”. If you can prove forgery, to have a specific document in the Blockchain stored, you can prove yourself as the author.

With the block chair, Feed Explorer, Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, and Ethereum-a Blockchain can be to the keywords searched. You have a few free minutes, love confessions, conspiracy theories and other in the cryptic lines of the Blockchain to discover.

Satoshi’s message for the infinity

Right at the birth Bitcoins built-in Satoshi Nakamoto a message in the Bitcoin Blockchain, which will never disappear again:

In the first Bitcoin Block, the headline of the Times of the 3. January 2009: “Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”. By the resistance and tamper-resistance of the Bitcoin Blockchain, this message is for all eternity will be accessible to the public.

A nice side effect of this read-only rule is that George Orwell’s Vision of 1984 is completely true. While in the dystopian novel unwanted information, never to be seen again in the so-called “Memory Holes” disappear, information is on the Blockchain stored. Because the Genesis Block is the first of all the blocks and each subsequent Block is backed up, we can say that this Times Headline of 3. In January 2009, one of the first documents of our time.

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