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Bitcoin to the Moon: when a rise on wall street banks in the crypto market?

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Although the crypto market since the beginning of may to a Downtrend, this could have an end soon and the market will be revived by fresh capital. According to Amber Baldet, former head of the block chain Department at J. P. Morgan, it is only a matter of time when the Wallstreet in the crypto business.

Many investors are currently frustrated because the course followed the last days of a significant negative trend, and the expected Rebound fails to materialize. This could soon change. According to Amber faster than expected, large banks will get Baldet in the crypto market (freely translated):

I think it is coming sooner than people probably think.

Nevertheless, there are, according to Baldet some of the major challenges of the entry of wall street banks is currently still in the way.

This lack of clarity at some Points of the Regulation as well as the Problem of safe storage of crypto-currencies. Currently there are, according to Baldet for banks, there is no safe way to store large quantities of Bitcoin, or Altcoins for sure.

This Problem, however, could soon belong to the past: Both Nomura as well as Coinbase, announced last week, to solve that, you on new developments to exactly this Problem.

Coinbase has announced last week, Coinbase Custody, and to introduce cryptocurrencies in a safe place. While Coinbase takes that it, in cooperation with the SEC a Service has created the highest safety standards met:

Coinbase Custody is proud to be able to provide a Service, Coinbase’s security in terms of crypto-currency with the examination of third-party validation of the financial combines reports on the high Standard of an SEC-regulated Broker-Dealer works.

Furthermore, recently, Coinbase Prime was launched. This is a new platform specifically designed for institutional investors with crypto-currencies. In addition to the number of submitted analytical tools should be tailored to the needs of large investors.

Furthermore, Ledger, Nomura and Global Advisors have announced that they will launch under the name of Komainu, a project that occurs to overcome barriers for institutional investors, and the best to offer possible level of security when trading digital Assets. In the press release it says (freely translated):

Komainu was founded to create a safe and legally compliant conditions, the instutionelle investors when trading digital Assets are in need of. It will provide an infrastructure and operational framework for a wide range of investors, in order to allow with uniform Standards of Best Practice in the crypto-currency trading and simplify.

John McAffee is expected that institutional investors soon in the market to get in, because currently there is just a whole number will be taken in various preparations, which suggest such a Scenario.

Goldman Sachs recently announced a Bitcoin-Trading Desk, to introduce, via the institutional investors with large amounts of money directly in the bitcoin trade to get in.

The CEO of Nasdaq, commented positively, saying that as soon as the market would be “ripe”, crypto-currencies could be traded on the largest electronic stock exchange in the United States.

In London, it was the day before yesterday published a new cryptocurrency exchange LMAX Digital-only institutional investors. On this platform, initially established crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash should be tradable.

The CEO of LMAX Digital, David Mercer, stated that they promote the legitimacy of the cryptocurrency market, by offering an institutional platform on which your customers crypto-currencies safe with high quality and high liquidity trade, and can acquire and hold.

As always, there’s no guarantee the new capital in the market flowing, and consequently, the prices of all crypto-currencies will also rise. However, there are many indications speak for an early entry of institutional investors.

It remains to be seen how the further development is progressing.

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