Berlin wait for a turbulent Sunday

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BERLIN – Berlin is preparing for an eventful Sunday. The populist party AfD holds in the center a large demonstration and that has thirteen tegendemonstraties provoked. The police will be massively present in order to avoid that the campaigners meet in the streets of the German capital.

Alternative für Deutschland is expected certainly to 10,000 participants for the meeting Zukunft für Deutschland (the Future Germany). How many police officers the quantity of the good jobs should go lead is not published.

Wednesday, reported several German media that the AfD pay people to come and do. It comes to the department in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. That gives the first thirty people who register and fifty euros. The department confirmed that there is 1500 euro for extended. The money is intended as compensation for travel expenses to the demonstration.


At the tegendemonstraties is a varied list of organizers. So, there are a parade of protestboten on the river Spree and a number of mobile cart with music that the AfD should be “wegbassen’. More worried the police will make themselves to left-wing groups in the past, violent have shown and also in the street.

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