Art Rooijakkers will switch to RTL scary

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Art Rooijakkers will find his transition from AVROTROS to RTL scary. However, the presenter deliberately selected.

Art Rooijakkers

“I thought: I’ve been meaning in new energy and I can be hard on my jaw here,” said Art against RTL. “Not that I feel, but for that tension to feel and that new energy and to feel. So that was a consideration. And the cash? Yes, that is actually quite fine.”

What programs Art all going to make RTL is not yet known. “There are all kinds of programs, what I was doing at AVROTROS, and RTL has different needs, and that we are now in each other to the slide and that is called developing. So we are now thinking what I can do.” The presenter said in each case that he is not the presentation of Temptation Island, RTL Boulevard or Expedition Robinson is going to do.

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