Ariana Grande calls relationship with ex Mac Miller ‘toxic’

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Ariana Grande is in a message on social media focused on her ‘toxic’ relationship with ex Mac Miller. They responded immediately on a Twittergebruiker that the sin was that the two together were just after Miller “an album” about her had written.

Grande was especially irate about the accusation that the arrest of the rapper last week, her to thank. Miller ended up in a car accident when he was drunk behind the wheel. In the first instance, ran the American artist, away from the accident, but later he was arrested.

“How absurd for you to feminist self-esteem and self-worth minimizes by saying that someone in a toxic relationship, because he has a album about her has written,” writes the American singer.

“I am no babysitter and also, no mother and no woman would feel to get that to be”, she goes off on her story. “I have cared for him and tried to support him in the to stop drinking.” She writes for years to have prayers that it is better with him would go. In addition, it would be only the song Cinderella about her.

She writes that they are not held responsible would be for a man”, that his life is not in order.” “Of course, I shared how difficult or scary it was when it happened, but that was it.”

A few weeks ago came the news that Grande and Miller their relationship after two years had ended. The two would be to busy work schedules. The 26-year-old Miller has four studio albums and a live album to his name.

Grande brings this summer, her new album Sweetener . It is the first new album since the attack during the concert of the American in the British city of Manchester on may 22, 2017, in which 22 people were killed.



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