Ann Van den Broeck joins international Flashdance-cast

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Flashdance, The Musical gets a Flemish gastactrice. At the performances in the Kursaal will be Ann Van den Broeck played the role of Hannah life.
This summer, the international musical Flashdance, The Musical down in Kursaal Oostende. An amazing cast, including Joanne Clifton and Ben Adams, over the course of fourteen performances give the best of themselves in this spectacular dance show. And only in Ostend so also with the Flemish musicalactrice Ann Van den Broeck.

In Flashdance, The Musical will Ann give the best of themselves as Hannah, the mentor of the protagonist Alex. Hannah was once a prima ballerina and the balletlerares of Alex. In the musical she is helping Alex to prepare for her big audition at the prestigious danceschool Shipley Dance Academy.
Ann Van den Broeck: “I recognize myself in Hannah: personally, I think it is also fun to tips to give to my younger colleagues. Maybe I’m a kind of mentor for them?”
A role where Ann is perfect in can find: “Professional dancers” pension ” from the age of 30 years. Then they give especially les and coach them talented young colleagues. I am this year 42 years old, and often hear that young colleagues to me also as a mentor to see and already many of me have learned to work together. I find that I really enjoy to assist them with tips and tricks. Provisionally, I am still a lot to like on the stage to all full-time teaching, but I look forward to the next generation of actors and singers to coach! I recognize myself a bit in Hannah.”
Play with an English cast shocked Ann not. “It’s a nice challenge to play with an international cast. I will certainly do my best to make my English as natural sound like that of them.”

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