Andrei rest of the year in hospital?

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Not even one message has Andrei Lugovski this year on Facebook. Not even one message, let alone a single picture. It is calm in the camp of the last year, a toxic singer. Why does Andrei is not worth the trouble to get an update to post on Facebook, or at least by someone else to do it? A question that many a fan of the singer. The past few months was all the communication relating to the singer, especially through the press, and that is contrary to the way most artists today communicate. “Day all, I am a little bit of the globe Disappeared forgive me it was necessary and is still necessary, but I do want you all a very fine new year’s wish wish with lots of health, love and fun moments in 2018 thank you for beautiful year a best friends and fans,” wrote Andrei on december 31 of last year on Facebook. At that time, was the singer in the hospital to recover from what he previously happened.

There are some people who are suspected of the poisoning of Andrei Lugovski. The man was an alarmingly high dose of poison in his blood. Everything went in the direction of rat poison. Andrei was a long time in a coma and recovers at this moment still in the hospital. And it looks like he’s there a long time and will continue to. Tv Family had a conversation with Alina, the sister of the belarusian singer. But that may actually say nothing. “My brother has told me that the press and the fans not to word’, we read in the new Tv Family.

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