And Hard in a 2 Star Restaurant

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A half point, that is the advantage of Roel & Kürt last Tuesday the names of their competitors Bieke & Erik. They are so tight on the edge in their battle. On Thursday 24 may 2018 grinding the remaining 2 sterrenduo’s the blades. Both Marie & Andy as Herman & Jacques switching additional manpower – or rather vrouwkracht – in their battle to win. In Ghent crosses Andy’s mom Lisette to roll up their sleeves behind the bar, in Mechelen, is Jacques’ daughter, Julie turned on as a secret weapon. The duo’s during their first service for hot fire? Who draws the battle?

After a chaotic try-out are Marie & Andy determined to use this time to do better. They are going to meticulously to the first service for 50 guests to prepare for. While Andy the decoration of the hall bends, dives Marie into the kitchen. On the menu: raw artichoke, cotton candy, and Marie’s famous gnudi’s. “A big risk”, as it turns out. “The gnudi need 8 hours of rest, so we will only know if they succeeded. There are à la minute extra duplicate is not an option.” When the service starts, it seems the 22-year-old chef Marie her kitchen completely under control. Grandpa Jos, best friend, Charlotte, and Ellen, the partner of Gert Verhulst, are already on post to cheer for her. And also Michel Van den Brande, a good friend of Andy, seems to be under the impression that you are of The Pescetarian. But if the waiting time for the main course suddenly increase, must be Andy all the tricks from the cabinet to the guests to entertain them.

Herman feels like a fish in the water in the kitchen of KoeCook. A few hours before the big opening, there is stress whatsoever little talk. In the hall Jacques rely on the help of his daughter Julie. An additional asset of by all the guests very positively received. Herman wants to have long waiting times are avoided by the courts in a hurry to get ready. But is the quality good? The chef looks reasonable anticipation to the comments on the pride and joy of his menu: his self-devised KoeCooks-ei-s. “My teeth are falling almost out of the sweets”, said Sergio Herman about this during the try-out. Herman has done everything to his dessert to a higher level.

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