American couple to judge to the son (30) from home to put

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In the U.s. state of New York has a couple Tuesday to a lawsuit won against their 30-year-old son, who refused to accept leaving the parental home. That report in the local media.

The thirty years son of Mark and Christina Rotondo refused to leave the house, after his parents repeatedly had asked. They sent first a formal letter, afterwards they asked a lawyer a deportation order. The parents had the first $ 1,100 offered to Michael to help a new home.

After they no answer got, stepped up to the parents to the court of …… Hotel. Michael lived the last eight years with his parents, but paid no rent and did no household tasks. He asked for six months time to a new home. According to him, relatives have the right to six months notice before they are actually out of the house could be put.

The judge did not in his question. and ordered Michael Rotondo, the house of his parents ” within a reasonable period of time to leave. The social services should the situation follow-up. The thirties will appeal against the ruling.

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