U.S. sets new sanctions against Venezuela

cfd1672bb5df3cf659c3c65fb776b16c - U.S. sets new sanctions against Venezuela

WASHINGTON – The Us president, Donald Trump has on Monday new sanctions brought against Venezuela. The measures come a day after the presidential election in the Central American country, where the incumbent president Nicolás Maduro was re-elected. The USA acknowledges the results.

President Nicolas Maduro with his wife Cilia Flores.

Under the new sanctions, the Americans prohibited from financial transactions, to take part which have to do with the Venezuelan national debt or the debts of state-owned enterprises. “This money belongs to the Venezuelan people,” said Trump in a statement, in which he also Maduro called for a “restoration of democracy” and “free and fair elections.”

The Venezuelan minister of Foreign Affairs Jorge Arreaza called the sanctions “insanity, barbaric, and in absolute contradiction with international law.”

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