Top want world record to

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The Toppers want to make this year a world record to do during their Toppers in Concert-shows. During the support act must be the world record for the canon to sing be established, made the organization Tuesday known.

AMSTERDAM – V. l.n.r. Gerard Joling, Jan Smit, Rene Froger and Jeroen van der Boom at the concert of the Toppers in the ArenA with the theme of Wild West, Home is Best. ANP KIPPA PAUL BERGEN

Under the direction of Danny de Munk, the public should in the Johan Cruijff ArenA in Amsterdam this coming weekend, a strong world record’ drop. To the vocal cords to warm up the Top fans to be divided into three zones, which at the same time, the same song, but each in our own time. After three nights, more than 200,000 people in the canon are sung.

The Winners, which this year for the first time during the whole show, assisted by john Smith, call to visitors in the stadium so that they are the ’unique moment’ is not to be missed. René Froger, Jeroen van der Boom, Gerard Joling and Jan are Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening in the Amsterdam stadium.

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